• Office design should be more about people's well-being than fashion

Office design should be more about people's well-being than fashion

"Our surroundings affect us" is a statement that does not really meet resistance. For example, the surroundings can be inspiring, depressing, motivating, demotivating, energizing or stressful. When the office design constitutes our surroundings, it is therefore necessary to strive for a positive effect. So the office decor, for example, seems inspiring and motivating.

Good Office Decor mixes thoughtful Space Management with Inspirational Design

Over time, many exciting models have been developed for how to get the most out of your office decor. The one that currently makes the most sense in our eyes is the Activity-Based Workspace. Regardless of the model, it is also important to use soft values such as colors, shapes, materials, acoustics and lighting to optimize the office interior and thereby promote, for example, innovation and productivity.

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Use nature's best elements as a design model for office decor

At Grape, we do not have the final formula for office decor. But to be able to use eg colors and materials to promote productivity and innovation, we recommend nature as a good starting point. Where else do you feel more inspired and energetic? More and more people are talking about inviting nature inside. And it's actually a bit there too, we are. Not because the office fixtures of the future must be pure botanical gardens. But if we can cook an essence of nature's best "design elements" and use them in office decor, we're well on our way.

The colors of nature

Studies have shown that the color red can increase blood pressure, heart rate and the release of stress hormones. Yet there are still those who are tempted by the ability of the color red to artificially stimulate energy. Something similar also applies to strong yellow shades - nature's second strong warning light. As the goal is rarely a stressful environment, Grape recommends the office decor be colored with nature's more serene palette. Especially picked among the blue, the green and the golden shades.

The forms of nature

There are not many sharp edges to be found in nature. And it is certainly also our experience that soft friendly shapes seem more soothing than sharp edges. We have even experienced as a small bonus that it is actually simpler to place rounded furniture in the office decor. For example, a curved sofa or reception desk can easily be tilted in the room.

The high-backed Grape Box sofa is a good example of how round shapes contribute to a more secure feeling. In fact, you should come by and try it out. Then you will feel on your own body how its soft embrace makes the pulse drop.

Grape Box sofa »
Conversely, we do not recommend that everything in the office decor should be round and soft. It can also be too much of a good thing. molo's cloud lamp in the decor above is, for example, a good illustration of how a single well-chosen design element with soft shapes can make an otherwise tight decor warm and inviting.

molo cloud lamper »
Soft shapes creates well-being »

Materials of nature

It almost goes without saying that our office furniture model lets synthetic materials give way to the more organic ones. Linoleum, cork, wood and stone win over laminate and plastic, for example. And surfaces that pretend to be something else, we get almost red buds. So if you want to decorate a full wall with photo wallpaper, for example, choose a picture of a piece of nature rather than imitating concrete or wood.

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Acoustics of nature

Out in the woods, 100 people can sit relatively close and have 50 different conversations without being distracted by the talk of others. It is then acoustics that want something. Unfortunately, it is rarely an experience we get in the modern open office interiors. The reason, of course, is first and foremost that the sound indoors is encapsulated and reflected by walls. Unfortunately, room acoustics are often overlooked in both construction and interior design. Maybe because the acoustics can not immediately be seen on a drawing? In any case, it's a shame, because the good work with space management and office design can easily become a waste of energy when employees are exposed to unnecessary noise nuisance.

So it is always wise to think about the acoustics in the interior design from the beginning. In order to recreate the acoustics of nature, both the concepts of reverberation times and speech intelligibility must be worked with. You can read a little more about this in the article we link to below.

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Room acoustics is one of Grape's core competencies. So teasing the noise in your office decor, there are really good chances that we can help. Call us and ask for Christian if you need a chat about your noise challenges.

Nature's lighting

When it comes to office lighting, it is once again a good idea to get inspiration from nature. Not because there is a need for a beautiful sunset; but because the light outside with its purity, variety and shadows makes us feel more comfortable and more inspired. Details such as light quality, effects, color temperature and luminance jumps must be considered. Of course, some dry light calculations may also be necessary. That's just not what makes the difference. Uninspiring light can easily comply with the rules.

Lighting design, like acoustics, is a core competency at Grape. In fact, one of our owners is among Denmark's best at "playing with the light". So finally call and ask Frank if you want to hear more about how light design can create inspiring surroundings.

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Contact us if you think we can help

If you work as a professional in office design, we are always ready to lend a helping hand with your projects. Whether you want to draw on our competencies and products within acoustics, lighting or something completely different, is up to you. Of course, the same is true if it's your own business that needs to be set up.

A little more inspiration

Including some pictures of products, colors and materials that fit well into the essence of nature, we have tried to describe above. Click on the pictures to see more.

Panzeri Ginevra with tunable white »

Tunable white lamps have adjustable color temperatures. They can therefore, for example, be set to follow the daylight or used to adjust the energy level throughout the day. Warm light gives a calm mood and cold light gives more energy. Panzeri Ginevra ceiling lamp above can be adjusted from 2700 to 6500 kelvin.

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