MONOLITE meeting- and dining-table

MONOLITE meeting- and dining-table

Designed by Boris Berlin
Call for price

In his work to develop and design the Monolite table series, Boris Berlin took some of his inspiration from monoliths*. The pure monolith form is thus replicated again in the self-supporting and therefore edgeless Monolite tabletop. The laminate surface of the tabletop is also matched in monochrome by the carefully matched powder coating of the legs, thereby reinforcing the table's monolithic character. The Monolite table can be combined with shapes, colors and sizes into a myriad of variants. That is why there is always a Monolite combination that fits perfectly for e.g. the meeting room, the office or the dining room.

A robust lightweight

The last half of the table's name "lite" also refers to Monolite's remarkably low weight. But like the monoliths, the table top is also exceptionally strong and robust. The self-supporting top can therefore withstand surprisingly high loads - even in the middle.

Artful utility

“A table is not an easy object to design. It is demanding from a construction standpoint and is also sculpturally challenging. How can it achieve a unique identity without sacrificing simplicity?”

–Boris Berlin

The choice is yours

Choose between oval, round, rectangular or triangular shape - then a color - a size - and finally a height. With so many variation options, there is always a Monolite table that fits your decor.

* Large, slab-like sculpture carved from a single piece of rock.