• Fantastic trip with molo and our good molo colleagues from Germany

Fantastic trip with molo and our good molo colleagues from Germany

Equal parts pride and awe filled us when molo asked if we and our German molo colleagues could act as stand-ins at Orgatec 2022 in Cologne in October and the just concluded Maison&Objet in Paris here in January 2023. And now when both fairs are successfully completed, and the stand is on its way back to Vancouver, we breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate a long and fantastic journey with our good colleagues and friends from molo.

From table lamp to complete exhibition stand

One of the things that struck us on the journey through Cologne and Paris was how privileged it really is to represent a brand where, from the same price list, you can pick everything from a single lamp or screen wall to a complete exhibition stand - which even can be a two-sided, open stand of 144 sqm and an island of 108 sqm. Everything you see in the pictures are standard products - first used in Cologne and then in Paris.

Orgatec October 2022

The first stop on our journey was Orgatec in October. Here the stand was 12x12 meters with two open sides. We stacked the 4.5 meter high back wall of white soft block elements on top of a 244 cm high soft wall – all internally lit with LED.

In the front corner of the stand, there was the world premiere of two exciting novelties - wood softwall in maple veneer and suspended softwall with LED light. The many visitors to our stand welcomed both products very well. Now we are just looking forward to telling you more about the news - and of course getting them involved in many exciting and innovative projects.

Maison&Objet January 2023

When the products from Orgatec landed in Paris, they were resurrected as a new stand of 12x9 meters with four open sides. The back wall from Orgatec became a luminous tower of 6x3 meters at Maison&Objet, and the novelties - wood softwall and suspended softwall - again got prominent exposure on the busiest corner of the stand.

cloud mast, which can swing the cloud lamps up and down, attracted a lot of attention. On one occasion we had as many as eight visitors filming us at the same time! In the period after the fair we must have appeared on Instagram around the world.