• Lounge decor that fulfills the purpose

Lounge decor that fulfills the purpose

Interior design for lounges has evolved over recent decades from the informal floating environments to the lounge, which today provides space for the collaborations of the present and the future. A useful maturation when interior design is used as a strategic element to support business development.

What should the lounge decor embrace?

It goes without saying that the interior of the lounge should be done on the basis of meeting your needs in the best possible way within the framework you have available.

In a smaller setting, the lounge may need to be limited to a single high table and some bar stools to complement the casual chat at the coffee machine. As more space can put into use, the lounge can be designed to embrace more situations and, in principle, become the most important space in your domicile - where you interact best and hatch the most creative ideas.

The all-embracing lounge will also be able to be furnished with “quiet areas” for concentrated and undisturbed project work. And finally, the lounge can make up the cafe area for lunch and the Friday bar. In principle, the lounge can ultimately completely replace the company's traditional workstations. Of course, as long as the individual needs are met and there is an opportunity to get some privacy to be productive.

If the lounge is to suit your way of working together, you should start the design of the lounge with a well-considered definition of what the lounge should embrace and what the purpose of the area should be before you get a professional decorator to materialize your wishes . And it's a good idea to get all the ideas on the table by involving more employee representatives in the process.

The skilled interior designer or designer will, based on their own experience, certainly be able to supplement with options that you have not considered. But stay focused all the time on what you want with the decor of your lounge area.

Environment influences behavior. So also consider how you create the right lounge atmosphere

As we have written about several times before, we at Grape have a strong belief that the character and mood of the surroundings influence inspiration and behavior. Therefore, the design of the lounge interior is also crucial to whether you get the expected benefit.

Our experience has shown us that tranquil surroundings create well-being and release creative energy. Therefore, we attach the same value to lighting and acoustics as well as the choice of colors, materials and shapes as the interior design plan itself. And as it's very much about creating a nice and friendly environment, we at Grape recommend using soft shapes, organic materials, muted natural-inspired colors, a well-thought-out lighting design and effective acoustic regulation of inappropriate noise.

Lounge decor and the activity-based workplace merge

The latest trend in office design is the activity-based workplace. In short, it is a decor that contains the optimal setting, whether you need to find a place for a quick brainstorm with some colleagues or for total immersion for an hour. Therefore, the varied lounge decor is also an important part of the activity-based workplace.

Activity-based workplace »

When you are in control of both the content and the soft design elements, you are really well on your way to getting the lounge decor that will create value for your particular business.


As further inspiration, you will find below several mood pictures from different lounge interiors, which we and our manufacturers have been involved in. If you need more inspiration for a interior design of a lounge, you are of course very welcome to contact us.