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4Spaces Fudu
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4Spaces Nami
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4Spaces The Grand Suits - Cupola
4Spaces The Grand Suits - Peninsula
4Spaces The Grand Suits - Sultan


The 4Spaces range of textiles for upholstering furniture ranges widely in terms of design, materials and use. For example, 4Spaces offers an upholstery (Brad) with 33% cork as the top layer. An incredibly delicious and exciting vegan alternative to leather, which can also be used for e.g. tabletops and fronts..

You can find textiles with a wear rate in the range 25 - 100,000 Martindale. For public environments, a Martindale of 50,000 and up is usually recommended. For the sofa at home, Martindale should be at least 20,000 to be able to cope with normal wear and tear.

Browse this page to discover the right upholstery for your decor design. And feel free to contact us if you like to come and feel the delicious textiles.