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Floor lamps

Floor lamps provide extra flexibility and can, like molo's cloud mast, completely take over the space of the ceiling lamp. Swivel Floor floor lamp from Functionals can cozy up in most interiors. Panzeri is clearly our biggest light brand. Therefore, they also take their share in this category.

Floor lamps from Panzeri

Like the rest of Panzeri's range, Panzeri's floor lamps pay homage to the high quality, the simple and well-thought-out design, the latest technology and, not least, the exact needs for which the simple lamps are created.

In recent years, Panzeri has had extra focus on the hospitality sector. And has therefore developed Tubino and Bella as two highly accomplished series that are well suited for mood-creating lighting for hotel rooms. With its twin lamps, the Tubino floor lamp meets both the need for good reading light and indirect general light for the entire hotel room.

Like Tubino, several of Panzeri's floor and floor lamps are part of lamp series. It contributes to the common thread that makes devices appear solid and well thought out.

If you need an outdoor floor lamp, the Ralph floor lamp is Panzeri's sympathetic suggestion. Choose between two sizes and two colors as well as the option of a variant with ground spikes. Combine if necessary also with Ralph pendant, table lamp and the smart wall bracket.

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