MR. ED bookcase- og desk-lamp
urchin softlight
urchin softlight
OPUNTIA task light
OPUNTIA task light
BELLA table lamp
TUBINO table lamp
JACKIE task lamp
JACKIE task lamp
FIREFLY rechargeable outdoor table lamp
RALPH outdoor table lamp
RALPH outdoor lamps

Table lamps and task lights

On this page you will find table lamps from Italian Panzeri®, Dutch Functionals and molo from Canada.

Panzeri® is our largest brand in table lamps

Panzeri's fine range of table lamps ranges from the professional Jackie LED task light intended for companies that want optimal working conditions for employees, to the battery-powered Firefly, which is also suitable for outdoor use in eg the garden, pleasure boat or sidewalk café.

The two table lamps Tubino and Bella are purposefully developed and designed for the hospitality sector. And since the style at home in the private sector has increasingly gone the hotel way in recent years, both are also well suited for the bedside table or home workplace.

With its table lamps, Panzeri also demonstrates that they are masters in surface finishing. So in addition to the usual colors such as black, white and aluminum, you will also find matt brass finishes, black rubber paint, bronze and even titanium finishes. This allows the lamps to blend in as well as possible with the other color and material choices in your interior.

Common to all Panzeri's, Functionals' and molo's table lamps is that they are always fully updated with the latest LED light technology, and that the high quality and simple design satisfy even the most discerning bib.

You can see all Panzeri's table lamps here in Grape's design studio. If you would like to see more, you are welcome to contact us on +45 38 878 800 for a showing.

Need help?

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