• Acoustic partitions for flexible decor

Acoustic partitions for flexible decor

Companies' open interiors challenge the work environment. Where noise nuisance and visual disturbance severely affect productivity and employee well-being. Therefore, a room divider or several can quickly become a good investment. In the home, other conditions apply. For example, an aesthetic room divider like molo's softwall will be able to contribute to a flexible and exciting interior.

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Three exciting acoustic room dividers, each of which can add something extra to your decor

At Grape, we have a weakness for "skewed" solutions. So when a room divider or partition is thought beyond the familiar padded plate on two feet, we are quick to get excited. And it is against this background that the three aesthetic room dividers below have ended up in our range. All are designed to be able to improve your acoustic conditions and thus well-being.

molo softwall must be the world's most flexible partition wall

molo and Grape have grown up together. It took its beginning in 2005 when we established Grape and molo won the INDEX: 05 award precisely with their flexible softwall room divider and partition wall.

Imagine a very large accordion that can grow up to 4.5 meters long, then you already have an idea of how a softwall room divider works. The large fluted surface area is also a good acoustic absorbent. Therefore, even a single softwall will audibly reduce your noise nuisance.

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Grape Space room divider and partition in natural cork

Grape Space is Grape's bid for a sustainable acoustic room divider and partition wall. The raw but also warm and friendly room divider is made of only two organic elements. Namely sphagnum brown natural cork and powder coated steel. We borrow the cork from the Grape Random wall, and the organically shaped foot is laser cut out of a single piece of solid steel. The Grape Space partition wall adds warmth and soul to your interior with a little delicious bite of nature.

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AKUART Stand By Me room divider with motif of your choice

AKUART Stand By Me is a 6 cm thick room divider stuffed with effective acoustic material. So it is both a very effective absorbent and shielding. The exciting thing about Stand By Me is that you can decide its appearance. So what about, for example, a room divider printed with a picture of one of your products, a green hedge, your logo or maybe just a pattern or a pure color of your choice? It is up to you.

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Buy your screen walls safely from one of Denmark's leading experts in mobile space division and acoustics!

The three room dividers above are available here at Grape. molo we even represent in respectively Scandinavia, while Grape Space, is our own design. If you are looking for a more traditional solution, Grape also sells room dividers from other leading manufacturers. And finally, we are well into the issues surrounding space acoustics. So feel free to contact us for more inspiration and advice.

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Christian Nygaard, January 2019