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BOW flexible lamp
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HILOW LINE wall lamp
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Wall lamps

In this overview you will find a single wall lamp from Dutch Functionals. The rest is from our good friends in Monza - Panzeri.

Panzeri wall lamps

Most of Panzeri's wall lamps are included in series with other lamp types. For example, the Tubino wall lamp was originally developed for hotels in family with a similar really nice table lamp and a cool floor lamp. This provides good cohesion and makes interiors appear solid and well thought out.

In addition to Tubino, Bella is also a series specially developed for hotels. In the Bella family, in addition to the wall lamp, you will also find a table lamp and a small fine pendant. The other wall lamps and their families are developed for use in offices and / or private homes and also often find their way into hotel interiors.

All wall lamps from Panzeri are today delivered with integrated modern LED panels. In doing so, they also meet the current requirements for light quality, durability and energy consumption. The switch from the good old E27 bulb to LED has provided a lot of benefits and choices.

With the many choices, however, the doubt also arises once in a while. That is why we are also very happy to help you with advice within, for example, lamp selection and choice of driver (transformer). And if you have a new interior, we can also help with suggestions for complete lighting design. It can all be started with a good non-committal talk with our expert.

Need help?

Do you need advice on choosing lamps or maybe help to make a good lighting plan? Then finally contact our expert and lighting designer:

Frank Andersen
mobile: +45 40 421 440

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