Grape Float
Grape Float
Grape 12
Grape 12
Impact Acoustic® acoustic lamps
cloud softlight pendant
cloud softlight mobile
cloud mast
Astoria 5, Astoria Spot and Astoria Line
MURANÉ glass pendant
MURANÉ R chandelier
PHI acoustic lamp
PHI acoustic lamp
BOW flexible lamp
BOW flexible lamp
ZERO ROUND SMART circular pendant
ARENA circular pendant with spots
HILOW pendant
HILOW ceiling lamp
DIP lamps
ROMA lamp serie
BROOKLYN ROUND circular pendant
BROOKLYN LINE line pendant
SILVER RING circular pendant
GIANO line pendant
VIISI line pendant
OPUNTIA wall lamp
BELLA pendant
TUBINO suspension lamp
TO-BE tubular pendant and ceiling lamp
EMMA, CLIO and OLIVIA mouth-blown glass pendants
SMOKE glass pendant
Gilbert pendant, ceiling and floor lamp
GINEVRA pendant and ceiling lamp
GONG pendant with indirect light
432 WAYS downlight
RALPH outdoor lamps

Ceiling lamps and pendant lamps from four strong designer brands

Here you will find a new and exciting selection of ceiling lamps and pendant lamps from five innovative brands: Italian Panzeri® with a wide range of ceiling lamps and pendant lamps, Canadian molo with their fantastic cloud pendants, Dutch Functionals with their exciting pendant lamps and finally ourselves with Grape Float, which combines light and acoustics in a flexible ceiling-mounted system. So whether you are looking for a pendant lamp or ceiling lamp for the meeting table, kitchen table or dining table, there are good chances that you will find what you are looking for. Otherwise, contact our expert in the field.

More about the ceiling lamps and pendant lamps from our largest lamp brand Panzeri

With more than 70 years of dedicated development in the suitcase, Panzeri's attractive range of ceiling lamps and pendant lamps today includes both new interpretations of traditional lamps as well as brand new and inviting designs. The new and popular circular pendant lamp Zero Round is a good example of a new modern pendant lamp. And among the lamps that pay homage to traditions, you will especially find Panzeri's glass pendants, which embrace history with references to traditional glass art and design.

Panzeri's pendant lamps and ceiling lamps pay homage to good craftsmanship and are at the forefront of technological development

The entire range of pendant lamps and ceiling lamps benefits from Panzeri's strong craftsmanship and technical skills. Therefore, the majority of Panzeri's lamps also include the latest LED technology and the possibility of interaction with leading light control systems - primarily DALI / PUSH DIM. Finally, ask if you have any doubts.

Panzeri is good at "keeping an ear to the ground" and thus always be at the forefront when new technological advances occur. Among others, We see this materialized through Panzeri's wide range of circular pendant lamps. Including the circular ceiling lamps Brooklyn Round, Zero Round and Silverring, which you can find in the overview on this page.

Panzeri® and customized variants

Panzeri's passion for light extends to the user with extensive opportunities to meet specific needs. We can therefore also offer customized variants of Panzeri's ceiling lamps and pendants. For example, if the need should be a spec. size line or circle pendant or more exotic if the ceiling lamp is to be covered with real 24k gold leaf or perhaps painted in a certain color.

Need help?

Do you need advice on choosing lamps or maybe help to make a good lighting plan? Then finally contact our expert and lighting designer:

Frank Andersen
mobile: +45 40 421 440

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