• Tips for decorating the reception

Tips for decorating the reception

The reception or reception, as it should in fact be called in Danish, is one of the most important areas in the company's interior design. It is a bit in the cards that this is where new customers, suppliers and employees form the first lasting impression of who you are. And we're talking about the first five critical seconds. So it's an experience that should sit right in the closet.

What should your stakeholders think about you?

Start by thinking carefully about what your stakeholders (customers, suppliers and employees) should think about you. For example, make a mind map with everything you need to remember from propriety to CSR and sustainability. Are the reception staff not seated properly? If, for example, they are affected by drafts, noise and poor light, you get deep scratches in your csr barometer every time someone walks in the door. If you want to signal orderliness and control of the business, the reception must similarly never be a clutter shop.

Think holistically when decorating the reception

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Many receptions have waiting areas. But it is very different how they are decorated and therefore also how used they are. A well-appointed waiting area might also provide space for short informal meetings. It could thus solve the problem we know all too well; namely, the lack of available meeting rooms. It might even be better suited to the quick formal talk you occasionally have to have with a guest. The waiting area could also be a cozy cafe for guests and staff? Or could it also be the meeting place where you take your lunch break? The possibilities are many. But think it through, and keep in mind the importance of first impressions. Would like to warn against guests being met with an overly intrusive smell of food.

The reception is mostly also a workplace

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We have helped to set up a number of receptions. Only a single one was thought from the bottom up as unmanned. So in 999 out of 1000 cases, it is important to think that the reception is also a workplace for one or more of your employees.

So completely classic, the workplaces should be arranged ergonomically correct. In other words, with height-adjustable tables, good office chairs, correct work lighting and of course without drafts or noise. The interior design plan must also be in order. Few people feel comfortable, for example, if they sit in the middle of a large room without screens. Once visited such a decor and it was clear that the two receptionists did not feel comfortable. Now I know the company for something different and far more positive. But otherwise it could have told me a story about the management's human vision.

Create inspiring environments

If you want to achieve something extraordinary with your company, your interior design is also in competition with the competition. This of course applies in particular to the reception. So give your customers an inspiring experience when they step inside. And it does not take much more than a well-thought-out interior design to do the trick. For example, we think it works really well with quiet nature-inspired surroundings with colors, shapes and materials that are matched as if it were a Danish beech forest on a cloudless summer day.


In a reception, it is rarely important to screen off buzzing phones and colleagues' coffee talk. On the other hand, it is really important that the room acoustics provide a clearly defined sound image with a high speech intelligibility. Both for when the employee at the reception talks on the phone, and for when to talk to visitors over the counter. Acoustics is a big topic in itself and we are happy to help you get it under control. We have also written an articles on the subject. Maybe it can help you master some of the concepts:

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Light design

Like acoustics, it's wise to meet your guests with a thoughtful and inspiring light design. It's a bit out of the way about creating some effects that give the space depth. And it can be a good investment to buy a few hours from a professional lighting designer. Because with the right light design, your well-thought-out interior becomes the perfect interior. We know a really good lighting designer if anyone should ask.

If your strong logo color needs to be repeated in the decor, do so with care

A few weeks ago I visited a company with a strong red logo color. The moment I stepped out of the elevator I stepped into a completely red room. All four walls and the ceiling were painted in the company's strong red color! Really pretty cool and definitely a breath of fresh air. But here after, I can still remember the feeling of how my body released stress hormones and my heart rate rose. Almost as if the body was getting ready for battle. A completely natural reaction which is otherwise documented in most color studies. Do not think that was the feeling the company wanted to give as part of the first impression.

Have we forgotten anything?

The purpose of this article was to cover the most important aspects of the decor of the reception. If you have something you miss, you are of course always welcome to give us a call and come by for a chat about decor and surroundings that should inspire.

Christian Nygaard