• Activity-based workplace

Activity-based workplace

Activity-based workplace provides you with different types of workspace areas and options. Staff and close collaborators are able to choose the workspace they need or fancy, corresponding to any given mood, task or project, and whether that’s by the hour, week or month, is entirely up to the user.

No two companies are the same, therefore we recommend that the kinds of workspace areas that work for you should be uncovered through workshops and analyses that include illustrations for inspiration.

Focus areas ... hush now!

Focus areas must project and invoke peace of mind for more demanding tasks. You should, for example, have phone restrictions in place. Optimal conditions may be achieved by introducing acoustic elements and screens. A focus area can also be an open officespace with cubicles, screened workhubs, or even some comfy earloft chairs to support immersion.

Labs and project zones

A company's labs and project areas must include facilities where groups can meet and discuss ongoing projects. To counter disturbances say from a more lively project group or protect the confidentiality of groups or proprietary material, closed labs may be provided. Project zones are more open and easily embrace more projects, as well as being inviting to those who enjoy and are fuelled by social interaction.

Team areas

For enduring company teams that work together for longer periods of time (e.g. an internal sales or bookkeeping department), permanent team areas may be provided. Not everyone is faced with having to chose a new workspace on a daily or weekly basis. 

Meeting points

Meeting points are rendevous places perfect for informal chats, impromptu meetings and a nice cup of tea. They also support social relationships and encourage knowledge sharing within the company, as in, “that sounds interesting; let's meet up at the Meeting Point and talk it over. Meeting points may include a high-table, a café or maybe even a lounge. The options are endless, it just has to be informal and inviting.


Touchdowns belong to the ever changing bunch of “modern concepts” within office equipment and describe workareas that are made available to staff who mostly work offsite but occasionally need a desk and maybe a printer or other office equipment that don’t fit easily into the overnight bag or rental car.

Meeting and conference areas

In this day and age meeting and conference areas are perhaps more important than ever. Here, employees and collaborators have formal meetings, training sessions, or prep – in person or long-distance. Still we don’t believe that virtual get-togethers will ever entirely replace face to face meetings. But meeting rooms are changing with the times and as new technology becomes available, providing many new options. 


We believe that future working methods should be supported by decor that make it possible for staff to join project groups that include members from other companies as part of the co-working concept.

And we believe in a future with more contact between people, and invite you to drop by our design studio for a chat about the interior design you're working with. You’re always welcome but please call ahead to make sure we’re in, and we’ll get the coffee or tea going.