Grape Cabinet designed and developed for shared work-spaces
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Grape Cabinet designed and developed for shared work-spaces

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
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The Grape Cabinet system was designed and developed for parking the personal felt drawers from Grape Desk (see related products at the bottom of this page). But the bookcase can do much more than that. The drawers, for example, have also proven practical for other types of storage. Here at Grape, where we do not have shared spaces, we use the drawers for storing material samples. It is super practical when we can quickly take the drawers with samples to the dialogue at the meeting table.

The Grape Cabinet shelving is built with low boxes for drawers and boxes at binder height. The design is modular, so that three low boxes align with one high. The boxes can with their felt backings be turned both ways unnoticed, making Grape Desk usable as room partitioner. The top black drawer-box in the picture above faces, for example, the opposite of the others.

The "garage doors" in the Grape Cabinet are not in the way when they are open, and they can be retrofitted or moved as needed in a few seconds without the use of tools, brackets or screws. As standard, the felt doors are black. But because we use the acoustic Archisonic® felt, there are a total of 32 colors to choose from.

Acoustic felt reduces noise in the office

Some time ago, Grape carried out a study which unsurprisingly showed that noise is the biggest challenge of the open office. That is why there is also plenty of noise-reducing PET felt in the Grape Cabinet shelf. For example, back panels, drawers and doors are cut from acoustic PET felt. So the more Grape Cabinet shelves, the less noise in the office. Therefore, consider using the Grape Cabinet as a decorative and practical room divider.

Play with colors

The shelves' top plates are covered with gray Forbo Iron linoleum as standard, and the felt details comes as standard in black. It gives an aesthetic. If you want a different surface or other colors - for a small supplement you can choose between all Forbo furniture linoleum colours, Fenix nanolaminate and as many as 32 different felt colors for back coverings, doors and drawers.

Minimalism and good materials are good for the office environment - and for the environment in general

In terms of design, at Grape we believe that an aesthetic, minimalist design and good materials contribute to a comfortable and timeless office environment. The Grape Cabinet bookcase is therefore completely without superfluous details and made of good, solid materials such as linoleum, black through-dyed MDF and acoustic PET felt.

In order to increase reusability and minimize material consumption, all edges and surfaces of boxes and plinths are treated with beeswax, as a sustainable alternative to e.g. laminate or paint. At the same time, the beeswax treatment gives a surprisingly exclusive look.

The use of the acoustic PET felt as doors and drawers has made it possible to create a system completely without fittings. It contributes to the aesthetic purity and minimizes the number of things that can break.

Variants and prices

A Grape Cabinet bookcase is built up modularly with plinths, tall boxes with space for binders, low boxes with space for drawers and top plates for 1, 2 and 3 sections. Each section is 699 mm in width. Please contact us if you need prices for the interior you are working on.

Made with Archisonic®

Grape Cabinet is made with the acoustic Archisonic® felt from Impact Acoustic®. The felt, which is available in 32 colors and two thicknesses, contains a minimum of 60% post consumer plastic bottles. More »