• Grape Lectern 2 at LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference

Grape Lectern 2 at LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference

LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference needed a new an simple rostrum for their impressive conference hall in Billund. They opted for the Grape Lectern 2 in Corian® Nocturne (deep black) with adjustable table hight feature. As a sophisticated conference centre LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference require accommodation for audio visual equipment. The Grape Lectern 2 was designed with this in mind and has ample interior space for wires and connectors, all hidden from view – both when viewed from the front and back. Grape don’t offer AV-solutions but we’re happy to take care of the desired millings at our factory, making for easy subsequent installation.

Product list and materials

Grape Lectern 2 rostrum with Corian® Nocturne front and white logo cut in 3M foil