• Farumhus turns alluring

Farumhus turns alluring

Grape is heading the design efforts and delivery of an innovative decor concept for Farumhus. The overall task is to create a feeling of recognition and wellbeing by combining raw and soft elements. Acoustic solutions, curves, organic materials and light make it happen at Farumhus and produce the kind of environment customers return to.

Product list and materials

Bamboo desks and tables, molo cloud lamps for general lighting and acoustic improvements, molo thinwall in Tyvek® functioning as an acoustic lighting wall, Impact random wallcover (decorative acoustic cork wall covering), Pedrali bench with high back for improved acoustics, Impact iPad floor stand, Buster+Punch pendler, Flos 265 wall lamps, Flos UT LED spots, and Functionals Wendela chairs and bar stools.