• It is worth the effort to invest in good and inspiring office lighting

It is worth the effort to invest in good and inspiring office lighting

You have probably noticed in your own body how light affects your state of mind. Either positively as a source of inspiration or negatively as stressful or perhaps depressing. Therefore, it is obvious that it pays to invest in good and well-thought-out office lighting.

Panzeri Giano line pendant and wall lamp with direct and indirect light

What is good office lighting?

Good office lighting arises from a combination of adequate basic lighting, inspiring lighting design and proper work lighting. There are rules and guidelines for basic lighting and work lighting. The inspiring lighting design requires thoughtfulness, flair and knowledge. It therefore often pays to get help from a professional lighting designer - eg Frank here at Grape.

molo cloud gives a good atmosphere to the canteen

The basic lighting

According to the guidelines of the Danish Working Environment Authority, the brightness throughout the office should be a minimum of 300 lux measured 85 cm above the floor. Therefore, there must also be control of the basic lighting. If there is a good ceiling height, pendulums with indirect light can provide a comfortable and effective lighting. But be aware that indirect light reflected by walls and ceilings is less efficient in relation to how much light you get for your power - measured as lumens per watt. When the ceiling height is normal, ceiling-mounted lamps and pendants with diffused or other non-dazzling light are mostly the way forward.

The basic lighting can be pre-estimated with a so-called light calculation. But in fact, a one-sided theoretically determined light can well provide an unnecessarily high energy consumption and a dull office lighting without perspective and depth. Controlled differences in brightness (luminance jump) will make your decor much more inspiring.

Great lamps for your office lighting »

Brooklyn Line line pendant
Panzeri Zero Round

The lighting design makes your decor inspiring

As I said, good office lighting is not only achieved on the basis of dry lighting calculations. The guidelines must be respected, but alongside that part, a well-thought-out lighting design can make all the difference and contribute to an inspiring office environment. This is achieved especially with variation and luminance jumps. For example, putting spots on pictures and building details gives a good effect. Like shadow effects can make the decor more interesting and inspiring.

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Panzeri Jackie task lamp

The work light completes the good office lighting

The work light must first and foremost provide sufficient light (min. 500 lux) on the work surface. Often this is seen loosely by turning up 2-300 lux for the general office lighting. But that solution provides too high power consumption and "drowns out" an otherwise good lighting design. So we always recommend a good and flexible desk lamp that, in addition to giving the 500 lux on the work surface, also provides a glare-free light with precise color reproduction (Ra> 90).

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Consider acoustic lamps

Combining good office lighting with acoustic-enhancing solutions lifts the interior to a new level with better well-being and more inspiration for users. And now that you're hanging up new lamps - why not consider lamps made with or of acoustic absorbers? The acoustic lamps are available both as traditional pendants and as acoustic rafts with integrated light. The kick lamp from Impact Acoustic is a good example of the first and Grape Float (below) is a flexible and scalable system of acoustic rafts with integrated flexible light.

Grape Float - flexible office lighting and acoustics in one and the same solution

Lighting control with DALI or PUSH DIM

The vast majority of modern lamps today can be connected to systems that control the office lighting. The most widespread standard in Denmark is called DALI. With DALI you get a lot of exciting options for controlling the light, for example with different scenes and time settings. And if there is something in the setup that needs to be changed or adjusted, it is done via coding of a central unit. But DALI is also a slightly complex standard and therefore mostly used in larger installations. For small and medium-sized office lighting, the lamps can easily be dimmed manually with PUSH DIM in particular. Most good lamps for office lighting also come with the option of dimming with both DALI and PUSH DIM.

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More suggestions for your office lighting

The reception is also part of the office. And the employees who receive your guests must also have the best conditions. Beyond that, it does not matter if the reception area signals your sense of detail. The Brooklyn Round pictured above embraces it all.

Panzeri has everything for the good office lighting

Grape represents the exciting Italian lamp brand Panzeri here in Denmark. Thereby we offer your own import of all the lamps you need for a correct and atmospheric office lighting. If you prefer to buy the Panzeri lamps from your usual dealer, this is of course also an option. No matter what, we are always ready to provide good and present advice to anyone who needs new office lighting.

Ginevra above is a fantastic lamp for over the meeting table. The clear microprismatic light dazzles minimally and gives a really good light on the table. At the same time, the light on top of the lamp contributes with a soft indirect light to the entire room. Ginevra's properties also make it a great lamp for basic lighting.

Luftschiff from Dutch Functionals is a raw and untraditional lamp especially suitable for over counters and conference tables. The cast aluminum lamp is equipped with modern LED technology and can be dimmed.

HILOW from Italian Panzeri is at the same time a decorative, functional and efficient lamp for office lighting. Choose between the pendant in the picture above and an equally decorative wall lamp.

Have a talk with Grape's lighting designer

Grape's lighting expert Frank Andersen can really help you get a good lighting design and therefore an inspiring office lighting. Does that sound interesting? Then finally give Frank a call on +45 40 42 14 40.

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