• Sustainable interior design

Sustainable interior design

For every decade, the earth's population grows by about 1 billion. inhabitants. This corresponds to an increase of approx. 240,000 new consumers per day! Together with the rising standard of living, it puts a rapidly increasing pressure on the planet's resources.

We will soon need two or three more globes!

The countries of the world already consume on average 1.7 times more resources than mother earth can recreate. And if everyone in the world lived as we do in Denmark, we would actually need 4 globes! At the same time, the air, nature and the oceans are gradually becoming more polluted by our activities.

Four sustainable goals

At Grape, we want to inspire that sustainability and thus respect for the planet's resources is taken into account when planning companies´ decor. We believe that all organisations can and should contribute to easing the "big heavy foot" from the resource consumption accelerator. For example, we work with the following four objectives in connection with product development and new interiors. Also hope you find the list inspiring.

Forget about fashion and decorate to inspire

Environment influences behavior. So when we participate in the design of companies, it is therefore first and foremost about creating some pleasant and inspiring surroundings. Decors that get your shoulders down and release creative energy. That's why we do not let fashion and mainstream brands dictate a decor. So the first goal is: Forget about fashion and thus avoid giving your decor a design expiration date.


It sounds mundane, but proper quality furniture, lighting and acoustic solutions almost always last longer than the cheaper alternative. So the second goal is: Think long term and of TOC (total cost of ownership). We know very well that it is difficult to know how long a table or a lamp will last. But use your common sense.

Buy only what you need

Grape has been working with interior design since 2005 and has always advocated buying only the essentials. So the third goal is to take an extra round of sustainability with the employees before it is simply assumed that everyone, for example, needs the same storage or chair in the new interior.

Recycle as much as possible

Although it may immediately seem like a shot in the arm for a design and interior design company that, like us, makes a living from selling new, we believe the fourth goal should necessarily be to think in terms of recycling. So get creative about recycling and make your decor a little more sustainable.

Need more inspiration?

We would think that our range itself should be a good inspiration. All products are manufactured with the environment in mind, in terms of design with virtually no expiration dates and with a functional durability that extends beyond the actual price of the item. Are you working on a decor or just interested in more inspiration, feel free to stop by for a talk on sustainable decor. But call ahead.

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