Grape 60x60 decorative acoustic ceiling in felt made with plastic bottles
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Grape 60x60 decorative acoustic ceiling in felt made with plastic bottles

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
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60x60 ceilings are very practical and therefore equally popular. However, they are often (especially the older ones) a bit dull to look at. With the new Grape 60x60 acoustic ceiling cut in Archisonic® felt panels, new possibilities are now opening up.

Full ceilings or area framing

Grape 60x60 can be used for both full ceilings or as framing for areas. For example, Grape 60x60 can highlight a lounge area or perhaps signal different zones in an activity-based office layout with different colors. And of course, Grape 60x60 can be used to upgrade almost all types of designs with 60x60 ceilings.

Add waves and colors

Grape 60x60 ceiling can also be used to refresh existing 60x60 ceilings. If the current ceiling panels are yellowed, damaged, or simply uninspiring, it is now possible to let the rails hang and upgrade them with colors and waves.

From plastic bottles to ceiling

The acoustic felt used in the Grape 60x60 ceiling is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. Therefore, the environment is cleaned of 46 bottles per wave panel and 32 bottles per flat 24 mm panel.

Combine with light from Grape Float

The flat 60x60 ceiling panels in 24 mm felt are available with and without holes for recessed lights, which you may already be familiar with from Grape Float. This provides exciting opportunities to flexibly combine acoustic regulation and lighting. But it doesn't stop there, as we can integrate virtually any other ceiling lights into the system.

Short or long waves in 36 delightful colors

Grape 60x60 can be assembled in two ways, allowing you to switch between short ripples (shown in the images) and long diagonal waves. The choice between the two styles, just like the choice between the 32 nature-inspired colors, is a matter of taste.

Grape 60x60 straight

Grape 60x60 straight comes with straight baffles and a closed top plate. The modern sleek look is, of course, also available in the many delightful Archisonic® Felt colors. It's up to you whether the integrated baffles should point in the same direction, be somewhat randomly arranged, or form a checkerboard pattern.