• Lighting design and acoustic regulation became a harmonious whole at Svane Køkkenet

Lighting design and acoustic regulation became a harmonious whole at Svane Køkkenet

When the team from Svane Køkkenet contacted us with an interest in our solutions and competences within lighting and acoustic regulation, we initially had no idea how exciting a project we were facing. But after the initial dialogue and a visit to Svane's shop in Gothersgade in Copenhagen center, it was clear to us that Svane sets the bar for quality and aesthetics very high.

Grape Float with integrated downlights and tiltable spots came to play a central role - both as an acoustic ceiling in the large high-ceilinged conference room and as a floating roof over the workplaces in the open office. Both rooms with a ceiling height of more than five metres.

For the eight central meeting rooms, we designed a new ceiling solution with magnetically suspended acoustic ceiling panels. Combined with rails and spots, light and acoustics also became a fully integrated and harmonious solution in these rooms.

For the basic lighting in the canteen, Svane and we chose Zero Round pendants from Panzeri (above). As a lamp above the kitchen table and buffet, the Luftschiff pendant from Functionals (below) once again proved to be the perfect choice.

For effective and depth-creating lighting for, among other things, the corridors, the choice fell on Panzeri's delicious Lola spot with kip. And our lighting expert (Frank) made the final touch by adjusting the spots, so that the final result became as planned.

The building's acoustic ceiling in the meeting room in the executive corridor was supplemented with Grape Tiles on the walls. A solution that removed the last remnants of the room's disturbing reverberation, while simultaneously creating a cosy, cave-like atmosphere. An atmosphere that became clear with Panzeri's Lola spot positioned in such a way that the light highlights Grape Tiles' soft and friendly design language with characteristic shadow effects.