• About Grape (established 2005)

About Grape (established 2005)

Grape is a Danish design studio with a passion for well-thought-out lighting, comfortable acoustics and friendly design that can create inspiring environments for the benefit of companies' innovation and development. The starting point is that the environment influences our behavior, and that it is therefore important to design devices so that they best support both immersion and interaction.

Products and brands

Grape has its own production and also exclusively represents five exciting international brands in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Grape therefore offers an innovative and environmentally conscious range of lighting, acoustics, textiles and furniture supplemented with competent consulting.

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The range of Grape's own production and the five brands are composed to be able to offer elements broadly, so that the decor provides the environment that makes users thrive and be inspired. It almost goes without saying that the lighting and acoustics of a room are crucial to our well-being and the way we communicate and collaborate. But the design created by shapes, materials and colors also has a big influence on how interiors are experienced and affect us. Grape's design DNA is based on the thesis that soft shapes, organic materials and pleasant, nature-inspired colors are better for human well - being than sharp edges, artificial materials and strong signal colors. We are not alone in that attitude - but few live by it as we do at Grape.

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Today, products cannot stand alone without strong competencies. Therefore, it can be good to know that we at Grape can also contribute with good advice on how the acoustic solutions are best placed in the interior, or how our lighting products turn into good lighting design.


Since its establishment in 2005, sustainability has been a natural part of Grape's agenda. So long enough to realize that no product will ever become 100% sustainable. For nothing can be developed, manufactured, transported and disposed of without making a dent in the resources of the planet. But luckily it always pays to strive for that. So the starting point for Grape is that being sustainable can always be done better today than yesterday.

A strong team

We are three passionate members of the team behind Grape. Founder and co-owner Christian Nygaard is our expert in acoustics and responsible for the design line at Grape. With more than 30 years in the industry, co-owner Frank Andersen has a solid capacity in lighting. Tine Nielsen is responsible for communicating our story at SoMe and is responsible for us delivering on time.