When inspiring decor gives your business a competitive edge

The environment affects us. Something we have all felt on our own bodies. From the energizing walk in the forest to the uninspired interior of a waiting room. Therefore, well-thought-out furnishings can also promote users' inspiration, well-being and productivity. Good furnishings even attract customers and new skilled employees. So there is no doubt. It gives competitive advantages to invest in the interior design of your business.

Design, lighting and acoustics

Before an interior becomes really attractive, three basic elements must be mastered: Design, lighting and acoustics. All three areas can be broken down into something operational. For example, a friendly design with soft curves, organic materials and muted nature-inspired colors contributes better to an inspiring office environment than sharp edges, synthetic materials and strong colours. Therefore, friendly design, inspiring lighting and good room acoustics are Grape's benchmarks when we develop solutions for corporate interior design.

Furnishings, lamps and decorative acoustics

Grape's range of furniture, lamps and decorative acoustics is made as a combination of our own designs and products from four innovative brands, which we represent exclusively in Denmark or Scandinavia. Product overview »


Grape works with sustainability as a combination of timeless design and classic virtues such as environmentally friendly production, durability and recyclability. We therefore design for people rather than following fashion. And the classic sustainable virtues are always included in the assessment of new products.

We would love to help

Since its establishment in 2005, Grape has developed competencies in design, interior design, acoustics and lighting. And we love being able to make a difference. So whether you decorate yourself or for others, we are ready to assist you to reach your goals.