When inspiring decor gives your business a competitive edge

The environment influences our state of mind and behavior. Inspiring interiors can therefore also give companies great competitive advantages in the form of increased innovation and higher productivity.

Before a decor becomes inspiring, three basic elements must be mastered: design, lighting and acoustics. All three elements can be broken down into something operational. For example, a friendly design with soft curves, organic materials and muted natural-inspired colors contributes better to an inspiring office environment than sharp edges, synthetic materials and strong colors.

The friendly design, inspiring lighting and good room acoustics are therefore three important landmarks when Grape develops solutions for your next interior design.

Furnishings, lamps and decorative acoustics

Grape's range of furniture, lamps and decorative acoustics is built with our own designs and products from five innovative brands, which we represent exclusively in Denmark or Scandinavia. Product overview »


At Grape, we look at sustainability as a combination of timeless design and classic virtues such as environmentally friendly production, long durability and recyclability. We do not necessarily follow fashion, but on the other hand, the classic, sustainable virtues - and the latest technology - are always part of our development and assessment of new products and brands.

Use our competencies

At Grape, we have since 2005 developed competencies within design, interior design, acoustics and lighting. So whether you decorate for yourself or others, we are always ready to be part of the project group - or just be your lifeline.

house of Grape

In 2020, house of Grape opened and gave private customers online access to an exciting selection of acoustic solutions, lamps and fixtures. Of course with 100% focus on inspiring home decor. house of Grape »