Creativity and inspiration for the interior design of your business

The environment affects us. You certainly recognize it from your own daily life. From the feeling you get in your body when your feet first hit the floor in the morning to the well-being you experience during dinner in the restaurant, which has used the interior with attention to detail to create just the right atmosphere. That is why it is also incredibly important that your business is set up creatively and inspiringly. Today, it is actually more important than ever to create furnishings that, with atmosphere, ergonomics and functionality, can compete with the safe home workplace. Otherwise, it may no longer be the desire that makes employees come in.

Everything you need for your creative interior design

Grape has over two decades designed and assembled solutions that, with design and functionality, can add a well-thought-out creative touch to your interior design. That is why today, with a good handful of innovative brands, Grape can offer a complete range of fixtures, lighting, acoustics and textiles for all areas of your interior design.


The more we work with sustainability, the more it dawns on us that each product must necessarily have its own sustainable profile. For example, some products are sustainable because they have a good CO2 account, some are made with recycled materials and are reusable, others have a minimal material consumption, the lamp may have a low power consumption and some products just last a long time. Therefore, it is also necessary to have a holistic mindset when assessing the sustainability of a product. For Grape, however, the argument must be solid before we tick off: Sustainable. The vast majority of the products you can click through to on have been hacked. Mostly i.a. because they are long-lasting with high quality and timeless design. As a side benefit, it also provides financial sustainability for the benefit of your company's bottom line.


Regardless of whether you are a dealer, an interior designer or you yourself work on the interior design of your company, you are welcome to draw on our skills. Both when you generally need inspiration for how the interior design can be inspiring and concretely when you need to get a handle on the two abstract areas of lighting and room acoustics - our two core competencies.