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Space partitions

When said “space partition", most people's thoughts are often directed to the traditional screen walls designed according to the well-known theme: An upholstered screen and two bristling feet. But as the overview on this page shows, fortunately with partitions it does not have to be quite so boring even. For example, a space partition can also be the high back of a sofa or a flexible folding partition such as molos softwall.

Acoustic screen walls are not like waterproof shutters for the noise - but they can do something else!

Acoustic space partitions have a noticeable positive influence on the acoustics in a space. First and foremost by reducing reverberation time and thus noise nuisance. But since noise like water always finds its way, acoustic screens are actually not much better at stopping the sound than non-acoustic screen walls. But on the other hand, acoustic screen walls are good for reducing speech recognition. So that everyone in an open office cannot hear everything that is being said. And the more screens, the better room for immersion. All the space partitions on this page are acoustic.

Shelving as room dividers

The shelves Ossa and Dovetail Cabinet from Functionals have also crept into the overview. Because they are both very suitable as free-standing shelves and therefore also as decorative room dividers.

Need help?

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