Impact Acoustic® partitions

Impact Acoustic® partitions

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When open decors are separated with acoustic screens, two good things happens with the room acoustics. First, the reverberation and noise that make open offices, for example, an inferno of noise are reduced. Secondly, speech recognition is reduced so that not everyone is forced to follow all conversations. Therefore, a good partition with screen walls and table screens is often good for both productivity and well-being.

Rays hanging partition

Impact Acoustic® hanging partitions

A good and stylish way to divide decors are the ceiling-mounted screens from Impact Acoustic®. The advantages of hanging partitions are that they are visually simple and light as well as they provide better space for vacuuming. The disadvantage of the fixed screens is that they are not quite as flexible as free-standing partitions. Impact Acoustic® acoustic partitons are available in all 28 Archisonic® colors.

Gradient hanging partition
Matrix hanging partition
Braille hanging partition

Impact Acoustic® freestanding partitions

The free-standing partitions from Impact Acoustic® have the same acoustic effect as the free-hanging ones. The advantage of freestanding is the flexibility. So if you often move around your decor, the freestanding partitions are probably the best choice. Partitions from Impact Acoustic® are available in the 28 Archisonic® colors.

Motus partitions on wheels
Asto freestanding partition
Murus partition

Impact Acoustic® table mounted partitions

We recommend table partitions as a good complement to the rest of the partitions in the decor. The advantage of table partitions is that they are extra efficient because they sit exactly where a good part of the speech noise occurs. As for the Impact freestanding partitions, the table partitions are also available in 28 colors.

Full wrap table partition
Left wrap table partition
Full moon table partition
Infra table partition
Supra table partition

Partitions in 28 nature-inspired colors

Impact Acoustic® partitons are made of the acoustic Archisonic® felt sheets. So whether you want the screens to be in nordic pine, moss or in one of the other 26 colors, the choice is completely yours. Color overview ...

Acoustic screens also shield from viruses

As an added side benefit, your acoustic shield will also act as protection against the spread of virus particles from coughs and sneezes. Therefore, for example, table screens between your workspaces will have a direct influence on the total number of sick days in your company. So just on that background, acoustic partitions are always a good investment.