wood softwall - under development
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wood softwall - under development

designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo - @studio_molo - represented by Grape in Scandinavia
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molo's free-standing softwall is a modern, flexible and simple way to create private spaces in the room. In addition to visual shielding, molos' well-known softwall offers acoustic properties that contribute to increased well-being and inspiration. wood softwall is produced with FSC® certified maple veneer in a special configuration, which ensures that the artistic wooden version of the award-winning screen wall retains the flexibility and durability that makes it usable in tasteful interiors, with high demands on aesthetics and atmosphere.

Translucent and switchable

The fine translucent veneer construction transports the ambient light. Therefore, a wood softwall will change color and expression over the course of the day according to the changes in the surrounding daylight. And if direct sunlight and shadows fall on its surface, the play of light and the shapes of the shadows will be projected through the material in a breathtakingly lively and poetic way.

A delicate work of art

wood softwall is a delicate but also useful work of art for your interior design. With the right care and treatment, wood softwall will contribute with aesthetic and poetic shielding for years. If you need a durable screen wall that can withstand daily movement and modulation, we recommend molos softwall in Tyvek (see related products at the bottom of the page).