• Lighting design creates the room

Lighting design creates the room

Most people expect that everything will be fine, as long as the light complies with the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority's guidelines. Therefore, the planning of, for example, new office lighting often ends up with the somewhat one-legged solution: Light calculations as a one-sided theoretical planning of the entire lighting. But it is not quite that simple when the interior design must also be an inspiration for its users. And here the good lighting design comes in step with the lighting calculations.

What is good lighting design?

A good lighting design emphasizes the good qualities of a room and contributes to the desired atmosphere. A good lighting design also takes into account the changes and migration of daylight throughout the day and the seasons. Thus, the artificial light in combination with daylight will create the qualities and aesthetics needed to complete the aesthetic expression of the interior as a cycle from morning to evening.

How do you get a good lighting design?

As in so many other things, it also pays to hire an expert with lighting design. Such a person will use various tools such as spots, ambient light and shadows to create the effects and luminance differences needed to give your room the depth and atmosphere you desire.

What does a good lighting design cost?

Lighting design is a highly qualified craft that requires both education and experience to be done well. Therefore, a lighting designer is usually reasonably well paid for his work. But for the most part, the investment in a good lighting design will quickly pay for itself in the form of more inspiration, higher productivity and a lower electricity bill.

Grape can help you reach your goal

At Grape, regardless of the nature of the project, we have both the skills and the lamps to help you safely reach your goal with a competitive overall solution. Thus, you will be able to get inspiration and advice from one of Denmark's most skilled lighting experts and at the same time the shortest possible route to one of Italy's leading manufacturers of decorative and technical lighting. Do you want to know more? Then finally contact our lighting expert:

Frank Andersen
+45 40 421 440

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