Grape Cozy
Grape Cozy
Impact Acoustic® Chatpod phone booths and meeting rooms

Office boxes

We are not equipped for immersion and high productivity in noisy environments *. Our own 2014 study on the working environment in Danish companies also showed that close to 50% have noise nuisance at the top of the list of interior design challenges. And again with speech noise as the most annoying type of noise. Therefore, the purchase of office and telephone boxes can turn into good investments quickly repaid with higher productivity, more creative thinking and not least fewer sick days. On this page you will find both our own Grape Cozy series and the Chatpod series from Impact Acoustic®.

* More than 50% have difficulty concentrating in open offices (University of Sydney), you are probably 15% less productive in the open office (BBC Capital) and open offices offer a 12% higher risk of sick leave (Norwegian Institute of Occupational Health).

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Want to know more about our office boxes? Then feel free to contact our in-house designer of Grape Cozy:

Christian Nygaard
mobile: +45 40 646 100