Grape Cave drop-down-workstation
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Grape Cave drop-down-workstation

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Grape Cave has been developed and tested in collaboration with the Bifrost School for children in particularly vulnerable positions. The small private space optimized for undisturbed immersion has subsequently proved suitable for use in companies - for example as a drop-down workplace and an alternative to the popular office pods.

Grape Cave is made with 24 mm Archisonic® acoustic PET felt as sides and top. Which not only contributes to the tranquility - but also gives a total of 32 attractive colors to choose from.

With its external dimensions of 800 x 800 x 1925 mm, Grape Cave is compact and therefore easy to place in any interior. At the same time, it is large enough inside for the laptop, mobile phone and a good cup of coffee.

The ambient light from Panzeri's Zero wall lamp contributes to the cave atmosphere and provides enough light for work. The electrical connection takes place in Grape Cave's integrated cable tray. The lamp is switched on and off with a cord switch.