Archisonic® - acoustic felt sheets vacuum nature for plastic bottles

Archisonic® - acoustic felt sheets vacuum nature for plastic bottles

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When we introduced Grape Float and Grape Tiles , we could tell how the effective acoustic felt sheets for the two Grape products are produced with disposable plastic bottles collected in nature. Behind the collection is the global non-profit organization Trash Hero with their mission to build communities around pollution reduction. A community you also automatically become part of by simply using the ARCHISONIC® boards or the finished products made from them.

Each Grape Float purchased secures financial support for Trash Hero's work and ensures that there are 60 plastic bottles that no longer float in nature. A valuable and concrete effort for a cleaner planet. Another big plus for sustainability is that the ARCHISONIC® boards are also Cradle to Cradle certified!


Effective acoustic absorbent

The ARCHISONIC® boards have solid acoustic properties. For example, Grape Float in 24 mm acoustic felt plate is a class A absorbent when it hangs 10-40 cm from the ceiling. And already with 20 cm of air is aw 0.95! Find more documentation in the PDF at the bottom of the page.

Unleash your creativity in 28 colors

The ARCHISONIC® boards are available in 28 delicious natural-inspired colors in both 12 mm and 24 mm thickness. And typically we have about 700 m2 of each color lying ready for delivery from the warehouse in Lucerne.

The cutting machines are under the same roof as the boards. So the process from idea to finished product is so simple and short that we encourage you to open the drawer with great ideas and designs. It is simple and most things can be done.

Worth noting about the acoustic felt boards

ARCHISONIC® has a B-s1, d0 certification
ARCHISONIC® is a high-efficiency noise killer
ARCHISONIC® is cradle to cradle certified
ARCHISONIC® vacuums nature for disposable plastic bottles
ARCHISONIC® is available in 28 colors in two thicknesses
ARCHISONIC® is in stock for fast delivery
ARCHISONIC® is available in whole sheets or cut to your lines

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