Archisonic® acoustic felt sheets reduce noise in interiors

Archisonic® acoustic felt sheets reduce noise in interiors

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Archisonic® is an effective acoustic absorbent. Instead of using only new materials, the manufacture of the sound-absorbing felt sheets is based on the up-cycling of disposable post-consumer plastic bottles. Thus, as many as 88 PET bottles are included in a square meter of felt. The acoustic felt plates are also available in 29 carefully selected colors - and can thus be matched with most interiors.

Choose from 29 nature-inspired colors

An ocean of opportunities

Archisonic® boards are available in 12 and 24 mm thickness. Both thicknesses are available in the same 29 nature-inspired colors. In Lucerne, right next to the plates, the cutting machines are ready for cutting according to the drawings they are "fed" with. This opens up an ocean of opportunities. Everything from getting the raw plates for your own processing, to finished acoustic products designed by Impact or Grape and not least products in your design. All in the 29 attractive colors.

Customizing Archisonic® boards

It is not always possible to make an accurate measurement for eg wall panels in advance. That is why our customers and we often choose to cut the plates on the square. It's actually surprisingly simple:

Archisonic® and the environment

Impact Acoustic has - documented with an SCS certificate for a minimum of 60% recycled material - as the market's only manufacturer control of the entire value chain. Likewise Impact can present Cradle to Cradle, Leed v4, Ecobau and VOC certificates. So 60% recycling and 0% green washing.

Acoustic performance

All building materials have acoustic properties as they either absorb, reflect, transmit or insulate sound. The acoustic properties are created mainly by the structure of the material. The more open the more sound it absorbs. The open structure of the Archisonic® felt makes the material an effective acoustic absorbent. To meet as many needs as possible, the Archisonic® boards are available in two thicknesses, 12 and 24 mm. When the best possible acoustic performance is required, such as in connection with acoustic ceilings and noise reduction in open offices, we usually recommend it at 24 mm.

Fire safety

Both the 12 and 24 mm plates have passed a B-s1, d0 test. Therefore, we have not yet experienced challenges in relation to the material's fire approval on projects.

Hygiene and cleaning

Unlike natural raw materials, PET fibers do not provide a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. And since Impact dyes the PET fibers before compression, the boards do not bleach when cleaning - even when using more aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents. For daily cleaning, Impact recommends conventional disinfectant. More stubborn stains from eg red wine and pens can usually be removed with hydrogen peroxide.

The most important data gathered in one PDF

Are you working on a documentation-intensive project? Then Impact has gathered the most important information about the Archisonic® felt in a data sheet. Here you will find on 3 pages only information about everything within colors, sizes, acoustics, environment and fire safety.

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