Impact Acoustic® acoustic ceilings

Impact Acoustic® acoustic ceilings

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To achieve good acoustics in a decor, a surprising number of square meters of sound-absorbing material * must be used. So if the ceiling in a decor is not already covered by an effective acoustic absorber, it may be a good place to start the fight against noise nuisance.

Impact Acoustic® acoustic baffles

The vertical acoustic baffles are popular in the industry for practical reasons and because they effectively prevent sound from retouching under the ceiling. The internship is mainly based on easy access to installations and free passage to skylights. For offices and other types of interiors, acoustic baffles also contribute with exciting design possibilities - and when it comes to baffles from Impact Acoustic® in as many as 28 nature-inspired colors.

Morph wave bespoke baffle
Wave baffle
Edge baffle

Impact Acoustic® acoustic sails

Horizontal acoustic sails are also effective noise killers. And thanks to the air between the sail and the ceiling, acoustic sails are far more efficient than acoustic panels mounted directly onto the ceiling. Even as little as 5 cm of air provides an efficiency boost. With Impact Acoustic® sails in 24 mm Archisonic® felt, the highest class (A) is achieved with 10-40 cm of air. Choose between standard products or have your acoustic sails made to measure - even in your own design.

Square sails
Round sails
Forrest sails

Grape FLOAT acoustic sail with the possibility of light

The image below shows our own Grape Float over one of the meeting tables in the Grape studio. The idea of Grape Float is to offer a flexible combination of acoustic control and lighting. Grape Float is with the same Archisonic® acoustic boards that are used in the acoustic sails from Impact Acoustic®. More ...


Acoustic ceilings in 28 colors inspired by nature

Impact Acoustic® acoustic ceilings and Grape Float are made of the acoustic Archisonic® felt boards. So whether you want the ceilings to be in nordic pine, moss or in one of the other 26 colors, the choice is completely yours. Color overview ...

* How much acoustic material is needed

The danish building regulations stipulate that in open offices 1.1 x floor area equivalent absorption area must be used. So if an office is 100 sqm, the equivalent absorption material should be 110 sqm. And if the sound-absorbing materials, for example, absorb 50% of the sound on average, the need is 220 sqm.