Impact Acoustic® acoustic ceilings

Impact Acoustic® acoustic ceilings

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A surprising amount of sound-absorbing material must be used to properly control the noise in an interior*. If the ceiling in an interior is not already covered with an effective acoustic absorber, it is usually a good place to start the fight against the noise. Here, in particular, acoustic panels and suspended ceilings are effective noise absorbers. The reason for this is that the air between suspended panels or ceilings improves the acoustic properties drastically. Even 5 cm of air gives an efficiency boost. With acoustic panels in 24 mm Archisonic® felt, the highest class (A) is achieved with 10-40 cm of air.

Impact Acoustic® Plateau suspended acoustic ceiling
Rectangle web acoustic ceiling panel at Novo Nordisk

The image below shows Grape Float acoustic ceiling panels over four workplaces at Svane Køkkenet in Glostrup. The idea with Grape Float is to offer a flexible combination of acoustic regulation and lighting. Grape Float use the same Archisonic® acoustic sheets that are used in the acoustic floats from Impact Acoustic®. More about Grape Float »

Grape Float acoustic ceiling panels at Svane Køkkenet

The acoustic ceilings are available in 32 nature-inspired colours

Impact Acoustic® acoustic ceilings and Grape Float are manufactured in the acoustic Archisonic® felt sheets. So regardless of whether you want the ceilings to be in Nordic pine, moss or in one of the other 30 delicious colours, the choice is completely free.

* This is how much acoustic material is needed

The building regulations prescribe that 1.1 x the floor area in equivalent absorption area must be used in open offices. So if an office is 100 square meters, the equivalent absorbent material must be 110 square meters. And if the sound-absorbing materials, for example, absorb 50% of the sound on average, the need is 220 square meters.