Grape 12 acoustic pendant
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Grape 12 acoustic pendant

Designed by Mathias Petersen for Grape
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Good lighting and pleasant acoustic conditions are two of the most important elements when interiors are to create a framework for well-being and inspiration. Therefore, it has always seemed logical for the team behind Grape to combine light and acoustics in the same product - with molo cloud and Grape Float as two good examples.

When Mathias Petersen for his bachelor project in product development and technical integration decided to immerse himself in acoustics and lighting, it seemed both exciting and relevant to let the project materialize as a new acoustic lamp for Grape. When Mathias ended up getting 12 in his bachelor's degree (highest grade in Denmark), it seemed obvious to introduce and name the new lamp Grape 12.

Grape 12 combines efficient 12 mm acoustic felt with, E27 socket for retrofit of LED and a full-coverage tubular diffuser for minimal glare. A combination that also gives an extra gain in the form of the fine way the diffused light plays in the surface of the felt - regardless of color.

Grape 12 is available in three variants: Small (Ø350 mm, height 280) mm, Medium Slim (Ø370 mm, height 400 mm) and Medium (Ø500 mm, height 400) mm. The standard colors are green and black. In addition, the option to choose from an additional 26 colors on request.