Grape Dining sit/stand table for the dynamic work-life balance
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Grape Dining sit/stand table for the dynamic work-life balance

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
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DKK 39.000,00 ex. VAT

People with full or partial homework experience the need to raise and adjust the table. But it can often be a challenge to place a traditional sit/stand table in a tastefully decorated home. With Grape Dining, We solve the task with a stylish dining table, that only reveals its added benefit when raised or adjusted.

Undercover sit/stand

When the Grape Dining table is in the bottom position, you need to look really carefully to discover that inside each leg hides a real office-desk lifting column. To further camouflage the true nature of the table, the height adjustment switch has been hidden in the table frame and the controls have been moved to an app on your phone.

Cork or something else on top

The table in the pictures is with durable black cork and sides in black dyed beeswax-treated MDF. It gives an exclusive "touch and feel" as well as a really cool expression. The cork, which over time patinates as if it were leather, is available in several delicious colors, such as a brown, which even more than the black one just brings to mind leather. If you are not that much into cork, we offer classic table tops such as linoleum, veneer or Corian on request.

Cork maintenance

The water-repellent cork surface can withstand both food and red wine. Cleaning is done with a wrung-out cloth or soft sponge, if necessary. with a little mild soap. The cork patinas like leather beautifully over time. The edge of through-dyed MDF will always be black. Should it one day seem dull, it can be refreshed with a little beeswax on a cloth. Avoid smearing beeswax on the cork.