Grape Desk desk designed and developed for shared work-spaces
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Grape Desk desk designed and developed for shared work-spaces

Designed by Grape
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There is a lot happening around the office interiors of the future. But two things will not change for the time being: We need to meet physically and there will always be a demand for workstations that suit different employees, their tasks and the company's business processes. We have taken a closer look at this in development and design of Grape Desk.

In connection with the design of the Grape Desk, we have given the traditional drawer cassette two contemporary updates: First, the cassette now hangs under the table top. It offers some obvious ergonomic and design advantages. Secondly, the Grape Desk with the removable felt drawer looks into the future and makes the Grape Desk the perfect sharing workspace. Therefore, the drawer also has space for the personal keyboard, mouse and some office supplies. When the employee is not in the office, the drawer is parked in the Grape Cabinet (see related products at the bottom of this page).

The space behind the blind in acoustic PET felt has space for the Grape Dock laptop holder as well as a laptop bag or a couple of binders. Cables for connecting the laptop are pulled through the side of the cassette. That's why space has also been made at the back for a socket and a bit of surplus cable.

The Grape Desk table top has a slot that doubles both as a cable feed-through and as a holder for a desk screen or back edge strip. A solution that makes it easy to switch between the two. And if one day you need new colors in the interior, it is also just as easy to change the colour. With 32 colours, there is bound to be one that fits.

Table screen and rear edge strip in acoustic PET felt closes the rear-facing cable tray.

Lots of possibilities for playing with colors

The table is as standard supplied with black felt details and a top covered with Iron gray. A combination that gives a really nice aesthetic expression. If you desire a different surface or other felt colors you can ask for all Forbo furniture linoleum colours, Fenix nanolaminate and as many as 32 different felt colors for table screens, back edging, back coverings, doors and drawers.

Minimalism and good materials are good for the office environment - and for the environment in general

In terms of design, at Grape we believe that an aesthetic, minimalist design and good materials contribute to a comfortable and timeless office environment. Our series of desks and bookcases are therefore completely without superfluous details and made of good, solid materials such as linoleum, powder-coated steel, black through-dyed MDF and acoustic PET felt.

To boost reusability and minimize material consumption, all edges and surfaces of the shelves are treated with beeswax, as a sustainable alternative to e.g. laminate or paint. At the same time, the beeswax treatment gives a surprisingly exclusive look.

The use of the acoustic PET felt as doors and drawers has made it possible to create a system completely without fittings. It gives an aesthetic purity and minimizes the number of things that can break or fall off.

Variants and prices

Grape Desk is available in three variants: 140 x 70 cm, 160 x 80 cm and 160 x 80 cm with cassette under the table top. Rear edge molding and table screen must be purchased separately. Contact us for offers for the interior design you are working with.

Come and see!

We have furnished our studio with Grape Desk, Grape Cabinet and Grape Dock. So if you want to come by and have a look, you are most welcome. As we do not have fixed opening hours, it is best to call in advance.

Made with Archisonic®

Grape Desk is made with the acoustic Archisonic® felt from Impact Acoustic®. The felt, which is available in 32 colors and two thicknesses, contains a minimum of 60% post consumer plastic bottles. More »