Grape Desk desk designed and developed for shared work-spaces
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Grape Desk desk designed and developed for shared work-spaces

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
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There are many developments happening in the field of future office designs. However, two aspects remain unchanged for the time being: the need for physical meetings and the need for workstations that cater to different employees, their tasks, and the company's workflows. We have taken a closer look at these aspects in the development and design of Grape Desk.

When designing Grape Desk, we gave the traditional drawer unit two contemporary updates. Firstly, the drawer unit now hangs under the desktop instead of taking up space on the floor. This provides obvious ergonomic and design advantages. Secondly, Grape Desk embraces the future with its detachable felt drawer, making it the perfect shared workspace. The drawer also accommodates personal keyboards, mice, and some office supplies. When employees are not in the office, the drawer can be stored in the Grape Cabinet (see related products at the bottom of the page).

Detachable drawer with space for a keyboard and mouse makes Grape Desk the perfect shared workspace. The drawer is stored in the Grape Cabinet.

The space behind the acoustic PET-felt shutter has room for a Grape Dock laptop stand, a laptop bag, or a couple of ring binders. Cables for connecting the laptop are routed through the side of the drawer unit. Therefore, space has also been provided at the back for a power strip and some extra cables.

Table Screens with Deposit

The Grape Desk desktop has a slit that serves as both a cable outlet and a holder for table screens or rear edge lists made of acoustic PET-felt. It is easy to switch between the two without any brackets. And if you ever feel like changing colors in your decor, it's equally easy to change the hue. If you buy new screens or lists and return the old ones, we will credit you with a deposit.

Table screen and rear edge list made of acoustic PET-felt cover the cable tray on the backside. So, no more visibility of wires and unsightly transformers.

Plenty of Options for Playing with Colors

The desktops are standardly coated with Iron Grey Forbo linoleum, and the felt is initially black, offering an aesthetic and clean look. However, there is also the option to play with the color of the felt and desktops.

If you have time in your schedule and a desire for a different surface or other colors, you can choose from all Forbo furniture linoleum colors, Fenix nanolaminate, and a selection of 32 different felt colors for table screens, rear edge lists, back panels, doors, and drawers. Even the felt feet under the desk can change color.

Minimalism and Quality Materials are Beneficial for the Office Environment - and for the Environment as a Whole

At Grape, we believe that aesthetically pleasing, minimalist design and quality materials contribute to a pleasant and timeless office environment. Therefore, our series of desks and shelves are free of unnecessary details and made of high-quality materials such as linoleum, powder-coated steel, black-through colored MDF, and acoustic PET-felt.

To enhance recyclability and minimize material consumption, all edges and surfaces of the shelves are treated with beeswax, a sustainable alternative to laminates or paints. The beeswax treatment also provides a surprisingly exclusive look.

The use of acoustic PET-felt for doors and drawers has allowed us to create a system without any brackets. This provides aesthetic purity and reduces the number of things that can break or fall off.

Variants and Prices

Grape Desk is available in three variants: 140 x 70 cm, 160 x 80 cm, and 160 x 80 cm with a drawer unit under the desktop. Rear edge lists and table screens need to be purchased separately. Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific office design.