Grape Dock laptop docking
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Grape Dock laptop docking

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
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As an accessory for the Grape Desk (and all other desks) we offer the Grape Dock laptop holder. As far as is known, it must be the first noise-reducing docking station in the world. The advantage acoustically probably is a bit theoretical, but on the other hand, the sustainable* choice of material gives a contemporary aesthetic expression - and as many as 32 colors to choose from with black as the standard option.

Grape Dock laptop holder fits all taptops and is also designed to be used both when the laptop is with the screen open and when it is folded in - and possibly tucked away in the Grape Desk.

* Made with at least 60% post consumer plastic bottles

Made with Archisonic®

Grape Dock is made with the acoustic Archisonic® felt from Impact Acoustic®. The felt, which is available in 32 colors and two thicknesses, contains a minimum of 60% post consumer plastic bottles. More »