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cloud mast

designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo
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With the cloud softlight mast, molo has taken its already remarkable cloud mobile lamps to new heights. Quite literally, as the vertical mast provides a balancing boom with the cloud mobile with an almost four metre reach, offering a somewhat unusual and breathtaking lighting experience.

Flexible pendant lights for the tall room

Large pendant lights like the molo cloud are ideal for highlighting the “space within a space”. This is, for example, the case with reception or lounge furniture in a large atrium. But with very high ceilings come challenges. Using fixtures like these are rare for practical reasons. In other words, pendants suspended from the ceiling 20 metres in the ‘air’ will typically be ceiling-locked. molo's removable cloud softlight mast addresses and solves this challenge.

A meditative balancing act

The sculptural structure works like an old-fashioned fish scale. Where the lamps are ‘weighted down’ by one or two nickel-plated lead-shaped weights. The lamps are molo’s cloud mobiles that also constitute a balancing act with three lamps suspended with aluminum bars and wire, making the installation both very stable and easily susceptible to even small shifts in the room's airflow. The overall experience is meditative.

Three sizes

As mentioned, the mast remains just about four feet tall; however the scope has three settings: small, medium and large that follow the corresponding sizes of molo’s cloud mobiles, which have a diameter of respectively 167, 213 and 271 centimetres.

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