Astoria 5, Astoria Spot and Astoria Line

Astoria 5, Astoria Spot and Astoria Line

Designed by Panzeri technical department
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Astoria is a dynamic and modular lighting system designed to make the lighting design in your interior inspiring and conducive to well-being. The system consists of three types of lamps and magnetic 48V low-voltage tracks for suspension, surface mounting, or recessed installation. This allows the three types of lamps to be quickly and flexibly positioned and repositioned without the use of tools.

Astoria 5 - Adjustable Spotlight

Astoria 5 is an adjustable spotlight in cast aluminum with a high-efficiency LED and an integrated adapter for the Astoria series' 48V low-voltage tracks. The spotlight comes complete with an anti-glare reflector and a thermoplastic medium-beam lens. It is available in both 2700K and 3000K color temperatures (CRI > 90 and 508 lumens).

Choose from the adjustable spotlights in white, black, matte brass finish, bronze finish, and titanium finish, all with a black arm and back.

Astoria Spot

Astoria Spot is a linear LED module for the Astoria series' magnetic 48V low-voltage tracks. The module, available in two lengths (30 and 60 cm), features a black powder-coated body in extruded aluminum. Each small spotlight has a 30° beam polycarbonate lens and plastic cover. The Astoria Spot module can be DALI controlled if desired.

Astoria Line

Astoria Line, like Astoria Spot, is a linear LED module for the Astoria series' 48V tracks. The difference is that Astoria Line features an opal diffuser, resulting in softer and less contrasting light. Astoria Line is available in 60 cm and, like Astoria Spot, can be DALI controlled.