Grape Cozy office phone booth
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Grape Cozy office phone booth

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
DKK 85.000,00 ex. VAT
Expected delivery in 6 to 8 weeks
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The price is ex. delivery and bar stool

Materials and colors

Sandwich consisting of outer sides in 50 mm spagnum brown natural cork, core in 24 mm plywood and inner sides and ceiling in 24 mm charcoal acoustic Archisonic® felt. The frames are made of 8 mm solid black powdercoated steel, the table top is in black powder-coated aluminum, the door and back wall are in tempered safety-laminated sound glass. The floor is with Forbo Marmoleum® Concrete black hole linoleum.


Height inside/outside: 200/221 cm
Width inside/outside: 100/120 cm
Depth inside/outside: 83/92 cm
Weight: 345 kg
Ventilation: 24 liters/sec
Sound reduction: Approx. 30 dB

Experience the Phone Booth with AR (Augmented Reality)

If you are on this page with your iPhone or iPad, you will notice a box in a circle on image no. 2 on this page. Once the symbol appears, you can click on the image and place the phone booth in your interior on your screen.

An office phone booth is a large piece of furniture to place in an office. Therefore, at Grape, We believe that it is advantageous when phone booths do not visually disturb too much. With its exquisite organic materials in muted colors and a design devoid of unnecessary details, Grape Cozy is our proposal for the phone booth that contributes with great style to the office interior.

Click on the image above on your iPhone or iPad and place Grape Cozy in your interior with AR.

Good acoustics from the inside out

Grape Cozy phone booth is soundproofed, so conversations inside do not disturb the surroundings, and vice versa. In addition, Grape Cozy is covered with sustainable sound-absorbing materials that provide good speech intelligibility inside and outside. The interior features 24mm acoustic felt on the walls and ceiling, while the exterior contributes to the surroundings' acoustics with 50mm thick natural cork.

The tabletop, which is bent in one piece of laser-cut aluminum, shares the design language and the black fine structure surface texture with the telephone booth's black steel frames.

The scent of cork

The peat-brown cork panels on the outside of the phone booth are produced by pressing and boiling coarse granules of cork oak bark with 350-degree hot steam. This treatment releases the cork's own binder (resin) and transforms it into a homogeneous block, which is subsequently sliced into the 50 and 100 mm sheets used. The process imparts a pleasant burnt scent and helps give the cork its exquisite dark glow. However, like the delightful smell of a new car, the cork's scent fades over time.

Grape Cozy office phone booth features Knud Holscher's d line door handle in black acid-resistant stainless steel. The beautiful black finish, matching the other fittings, is achieved through long-lasting PVD charcoal treatment.

Thoughtful ergonomics in a phone booth

When designing Grape Cozy we drew on the experiences from the many office interiors we have been involved in since 2005. Therefore, we also emphasized ergonomics by providing ample space on the tabletop for a 15" laptop with the screen tilted back. Similarly, the tabletop can be precisely screwed onto the wall at the height that suits you.

Why the office phone booth is a great idea

Open offices - where everyone can overhear all conversations - have a significant impact on productivity and well-being*. Therefore, it is necessary for companies with open offices to proactively address acoustic challenges. An office phone booth is perfect when you don't want to distract others in the office with your call, and vice versa. It benefits both productivity and well-being.

* More than 50% struggle to concentrate in open offices (University of Sydney), you are likely 15% less productive in the open office (BBC Capital), and open offices result in a 12% higher risk of sick leave (Norwegian Institute of Occupational Health).

The sustainability of the Grape Cozy phone booth

An important component of the Grape Cozy phone booth is the natural cork. Harvested by stripping the cork oak bark every ninth year without felling the tree, cork plantations remain a huge lung that absorbs millions of tons of CO2 annually, making cork production CO2 negative.

The cork used in the Grape Cozy phone booth comes from the outer layer of cork oak bark. The granules of bark are tightly compressed while being exposed to 350-degree steam. This process causes the cork to release its own binder and transforms the cork granules into a homogeneous block, which is then cut into sheets. Therefore, the peat-brown cork is also a 100% pure and recyclable natural product.

The acoustic cradle-to-cradle certified felt on the interior of the phone booth is made with at least 60% post-consumer plastic bottles. In fact a Grape Cozy phone booth incorporates at least 475 discarded plastic bottles.

The core material in the walls and ceilings is FSC-certified plywood.

A portion of Grape Cozy is its steel parts. These are manufactured in Denmark under the strictest environmental standards. Since steel also is 100% recyclable, waste in production is minimized and, again, during disposal many years later.