Archisonic® Cotton - 100% circular decorative acoustic wall covering

Archisonic® Cotton - 100% circular decorative acoustic wall covering

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Archisonic® Cotton is a circular acoustic solution made in Italy from renewable materials. 100% of the acoustic absorbing material can be recycled. Archisonic® Cotton is available in 24 natural colors and not only absorbs sound but also adds a pleasant and natural aesthetic to any space.

Archisonic® Cotton is 100% circular. Everything is recycled when returned to the production process, where the material is regenerated through reshaping and the addition of water, without compromising quality and properties. Not just once, but infinitely, and with low energy consumption.

Carefully selected earth pigments

The revolutionary material is colored without the use of chemical dyes. The selection of the 24 natural earth-pigmented colors, which also match the Archisonic® acoustic felt, is curated by the trend scouts at Color Hive. Such attention to detail ensures that the product not only meets the functional requirements of sound absorption but also offers a beautiful and natural aesthetic in line with current design trends.

The main component is cellulose extracted from cotton linters*, which would otherwise have been discarded. The entire production process is also designed to be circular, with the reuse of materials and water, as well as careful minimization of waste.

*A byproduct from the cotton industry.

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