Archisonic® Cotton - 100% circular decorative acoustic wall covering

Archisonic® Cotton - 100% circular decorative acoustic wall covering

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Archisonic® Cotton is a patented acoustic material with excellent sound absorption and "best in class" sustainability. Each tile measuring 30 x 60 cm is carefully composed of recycled materials and designed to be 100% circular when returned to production at the end of its lifecycle.

Archisonic® Cotton tiles are available in some incredibly lush nature-inspired colors and not only absorb sound but also add a pleasant and organic aesthetic to any space.

Carefully Selected Earth Pigments

The revolutionary material is colored without the use of chemical dyes. The choice of the 24 natural earth-pigmented colors is curated by the trend scouts at Color Hive. Attention to detail ensures that the product not only meets the functional requirements for sound absorption but also offers a beautiful and natural aesthetic in line with current design trends.

The main ingredient is cellulose extracted from cotton linters*. The entire production process is also designed to be circular; recycling materials and water and carefully minimizing waste.

* A byproduct from the clothing industry.

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