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cloud softlight pendant - neutral white, large

designet af Stephanie Forsythe og Todd MacAllen for molo - @studio_molo - repræsenteret af Grape i Skandinavien
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DKK 14.000,00 ex. VAT
Expected delivery in 3 to 4 weeks
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Diameter: Ø120 cm
Ceiling to bottom: min. 80 cm

Light source

44W LED (+90 CRI, 3834 Lumens*)
Neutral white (4200 Kelvin)


220 - 240V external dimmable transformer for connection to wall outlet. Comes with 3,5 electrical cable.


Antistatic Tyvek® (rolled PET fibers). The screen is thus easy to clean and repel dust.

* lumen values refer to LED output; cloud shade will absorb some light.

molos breathtaking cloud pendant creates ambiance and softness in any type of decor. And it is both the friendly expression and the good sound-absorbing properties that contribute to the experience. molo cloud lamps are made of Dupont Tyvek®. It gives the lamps some beneficial benefits. The material is dust-repellent, it does not yellow, is easy to clean and very durable. Use the selector to choose from four sizes; as well as whether the light should be warm or neutral.

We have compared the acoustic values for cloud in relation to the price of various other acoustic lamps. The study showed that molos cloud lamps have a high acoustic value in relation to the price. A conclusion we have subsequently verified with a leading acoustician. Contact us and let us explain in more detail.

photo by molo - @studio_molo