softwall - partition, height 183 cm, thickness 23 cm, brown kraft paper

designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo
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Length: 2 - 4,5 meter
Height: 183 cm
Thickness: 30 cm




Kraft paper

Opening softwall + softblock is a engaging experience. The honeycomb geometry expands to create a freestanding partition that is hundred times larger than its compressed form. The flexibility is pragmatic for compact portability, and spontaneous reshaping of living and working environments. Any softwall can expand to a length of 4.5 meters, or to shorter to suit particular occasions. The partitions compress for storage, and a stainless steel wall hook is included for hanging.

softwall + softblock connects for longer formations with concealed magnets in an almost seamless way; the vertical joints blend with the structure’s rhythmic pleats.

softwall + softblock in Tyvek®

Tyvek® is a polyethylene material 100% recyclable. It is tear, UV and water resistant, making it durable to handle and easy to maintain. Tyvek® is also antistatic. So no real dusting is required. Tyvek® softwall is available in heights of up to 305 cm.

softwall + softblock in kraft paper

kraft paper softwall + softblock is made from a blend of recycled fibre and new long fibre. It is strong and highly robust. kraft paper softwall is also fire retardant. Kraft paper softwall is available in heights of up to 244 cm.