softseating paper lounger - Ø152 cm, height 41 cm, black kraft paper

designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen for molo
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Diameter: Ø152 cm
Height: 41 cm

Colour and material

Black kraft paper

molos softseating lounges are the largest and most impressive seatings in molos' range. And with a diameter of 152 cm to 215 cm, the large bowl-shaped lounger is a bit of a statement. softseating lounger shares construction with molos softseating stools. To make it manageable, the lounge is divided into three pieces. It is available in white and aluminum Tyvek® as well as in brown, black and indigo kraft paper. The largest is the brown in kraft paper with a diameter of 215 cm. The most compact is the black kraft paper with a diameter of 152 cm. The others are 190 cm in diameter.

As with molos other softseating furniture, one should expect some patination. This is expressed by the top of the honey-comb structure being pressed down taking shape after use. It gives a varied look and better comfort