• Erik Jørgensen The Manufacturer

Erik Jørgensen The Manufacturer

Erik Jørgensen The Manufacturer opened his first workshop as a newly trained saddlery maker and upholsterer, in 1954, in the cosy, quaint Danish town of Svendborg. And in the 1960’s and 70’s he designed his own sofa line. In the 1980’s he began a collaboration with Scandinavian design icons Poul M. Volther and Hans J. Wegner.

Volther had by then designed the popular Corona Chair some years previous, in 1964.

Beginning in the year 2000, the collaboration with young designes became an important part of EJ’s DNA. New designers like Louise Campbell, Tine Mouritsen, and GamFratesi, went to the drawing board and the development of new EJ product lines was well underway and, of course, centred on quality.


Poul M. Volther, Hans J. Wegner, Louise Campbell, Tine Mouritsen, and GamFratesi.