Grape Space partition, height 186 cm
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Grape Space partition, height 186 cm

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
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Height: 186 cm
Length: 97 cm
Thickness: 5 cm


Spagnum brown


Boiled and compressed granules of the outer layer of the bark from the cork oak. No additives.

About a year after the introduction of Grape Random wall coverings, it was time to get the cork on the floor with what we think must be the world's very first design space partition in cork. We call it Grape Space partition.

The strong Grape DNA shines

While the Grape Space partition uses the same material as the successful Grape Random wall coverings, it lends its construction with integrated vertical steel bars from Grape Lectern 1 and Grape Reception in cardboard. And of course, the soft single-curved shapes from the Grape DNA also repeats if self in the freestanding screen wall.

The height increases in intervals of 230 mm

The length of the inner steel rods and the number of the 230 mm high cork blocks determines the total height of the space partition. Choose from following four standard heights *:

1165 mm (5 layers of cork, narrow foot)
1395 mm (6 layers of cork, narrow foot)
1625 mm (7 layers of cork, wide foot)
1855 mm (8 layers of cork, wide foot)

Note! The highest screen walls needs a little more foot to stand than the two lowest version. The narrow foot is only 300 mm wide; while the wide is 400 mm.

We use as much of the cork as possible. Therefore, the length of the screen wall is always 970 mm.

Also good for acoustics

Thousands of sound studios can not be mistaken. The cork material is good for acoustics. Both as absorbent and damper. So, like Grape Random wall coverings, Grape Space partition contributes to reduce the reverberation time in your room. And placed crossed between zones and workspaces, the screen wall also reduces speech recognition and thus unnecessary interference.