Grape Lectern 2, Corian® Glacier White
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Grape Lectern 2, Corian® Glacier White

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
Select color and material
DKK 75.000,00 ex. VAT
Expected delivery in 4 to 6 weeks
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Colours and Materials

Front: 12 mm Corian® Glacier White
Desktop: Black linoleum
Base: Black painted steel


Height: 110 cm
Width: 85 cm
Depth: 62 cm

Optional back-illuminated logo

The Corian® Glacier White front can be custom fitted with back-illuminated logo. Your logo shines through the material and is therefore invisiable when switched of. Send us your logo by mail and We will revert with our quote.


We use Linak DESKLINE® high quality 0 Watt actuators for the integrated height adjustable tops in all our receptions and lecterns.

The Grape Lectern 2 speaker chair and desk in Corian® are perfect for framing the speaker on stage or the host in the restaurant. With its simple design, the Grape Lectern 2 lectern captures the attention without being distracting. Like the good craftsmanship, the design is 100% Danish. Inside, the Grape Lectern 2 has plenty of space to contain and hide cables, connectors and electronics. And the table top can be delivered with cut-outs for your AV equipment.

Originally designed for The Square Hotel

We originally developed the Grape Lectern 2 lectern and desk for the restaurant at The Square Hotel in Copenhagen, which provided inspiration for the cubist form. The task was actually to find a new desk with raising / lowering. But we felt inspired by The Square name and came up with the simple cubist design. Since then, Grape Lectern 2 has i.a. found its way to a cruise ship, to the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi and the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco (including) as well as to the LEGOLAND Hotel and Conference in Billund.

If you choose the white Grape Lectern 2 lectern, we can offer a backlit logo, such as the one we made for The Square, for example. However, it must be adapted to lie within a frame of 300 x 100 mm and be reasonably simple. By the way, when the light goes out, the logo is completely invisible.