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Archisonic® material sample
464 Electric Orange

By Impact Acoustic®
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The colors are indicative. There is thus a risk that the images do not reproduce the colors 100% correctly on your monitor. Therefore, for good measure, order material samples of your preferred colours. The price includes shipping.

When Mathias Petersen worked on his bachelor project in product development and technical integration, based on Grape's universe, he focused on acoustics and lighting. It was natural for the project to materialize into a new acoustic pendant. As Mathias completed his bachelor's degree with a perfect grade of 12, it was obvious to name the new lamp Grape 12.

Good lighting and pleasant acoustic conditions are two of the most important elements when creating an environment that promotes well-being and inspiration. The acoustic pendant Grape 12 offers the perfect 2-in-1 solution.

Colors and Sizes

Grape 12 is available in three sizes: Small (Ø35 cm, height 28 cm), Medium (Ø50 cm, height 40 cm), and Large (Ø90 cm, height 40 cm). Small and Medium are standard in dark green (317 Grove), black (550 Raven), and light beige (107 Linen). Additionally, there is an option to choose from the remaining 29 Archisonic® colors upon request. Large is made in any of the 32 colors.

Good Acoustics and Pleasant Light

The vertical lamellae, cut from Archisonic® acoustic felt, efficiently absorb and diffuse standing sound waves, making the acoustic pendant Grape 12 a valuable tool for combating noise in indoor spaces. All three lamp sizes shield the light sources with opal diffuser tubes, providing a pleasant glare-free illumination. Grape 12 large is equipped with a diffuser base plate as it is often used as a large-space pendant. Small and medium versions have an E27 socket for LED retrofit (high-quality E27 LED bulb included). Large comes with either 3 E27 bulbs or a professionally installed Philips LED board (Ra>90/3000K) controlled by an external DALI / PUSH DIM driver.