TUBINO wall lamp w/recessed wall plate, titanium (no switch)

Designed by Matteo Thun 2019
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DKK 3.200,00 ex. VAT
Expected delivery in 4 to 5 weeks
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Titanium finish aluminum


Height: 23 cm
Depth of lamp: 11.3 cm
Depth of installation: 6.5 cm
Superstructure diameter: 9 cm
Lamp diameter: 4 cm
Light source: LED
Consumption: 6.5W
Output: 339 lumens
Color temperature: 2700K Ra> 90
Weight: 1.1 kg

Well-known "hospitality" architect Matteo Thun has designed the Tubino lamp series. Panzeri's challenge to Matteo was that the lamps should be both simple and hardy enough for hotel use. When Matteo finished the task, Panzeri had an extremely useful series of lamps that can be used both in private and in the hotel room. On this page we present the wall lamp.