GINEVRA ceiling lamp, diameter 53 cm, black/gold

Designed by Christian Burtolf
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Color and Material

Exterior screen in black polyacrylic paint
Inner edge in gold-colored polyacrylic paint
Screen turned in metal
Micro-prismatic diffuser in polycarbonate


Diameter: 53 cm
Height: 11 cm
Suspension: Ceiling mounted
Weight: 5.5 kg

The technical stuff

Power consumption: 25W
Light source: LED
Output: 1,877lm
Color temperature: 3000K Ra> 90
Driver: Integrated
Lighting control: DALI / PUSH DIM

Ginevra pendant and ceiling lamp combines the latest technology in lighting control with simple design and high quality. The rounded shapes and stylish color choice makes Ginevra compatible with most tasteful interiors. And with an extra twist from the inside golden edge. The opal microprism ensures high efficiency and best light quality. Ginevra is available both as a suspended pendant and ceiling lamp. Both in the sizes Ø53 and Ø80 cm. In the pendant version, the Ginevra comes with both direct and indirect light. Ginevra is also available as a ceiling lamp with tunable white (2700K - 6500K), so that the color temperature can be adapted to the required mood or time of day.

The lamp with the many possibilities

The convincing technology with the option of tunable white (the ceiling lamp) and indirect light (the pendant) together with high efficiency and minimal glare makes Ginevra the lamp with the many possibilities. Use, for example, the ceiling lamp with tunable white for basic lighting and the pendant for over meeting and work tables. Similarly, Ginevra is also quite useful for your private decor - the ceiling lamp in the hallway and the pendant over the kitchen island or dining table.