Impact Acoustic® Chatpod 700 High Top meeting room for up to four people

Designed by Jeffrey Ibañez
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Expected delivery in 6 to 8 weeks
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Standing focus meetings for up to four people


Width: 1600 mm
Depth: 1200 mm
Height: 2290 mm
Inner height: 2035 mm
Weight: Approx. 450 kg
Sound insulation: 28.2 dB
Table top: 1200 x 600 x (h) 1100 mm
Ventilation: max 900ppm

Colors and materials

Exterior sides are lined with Archisonic® felt in 28 optional colors (ask). Woodcoat® frame in 10 optional colors (ask). Interior walls are clad with Archisonic felt in the color 442 Smoke. Door and rear wall in smoked glass. Anthracite gray carpet in recycled fibers. Table top is powder coated white.

The Chatpod series from Impact Acoustic embraces everything from the small phone booth Chatpod 185 to the 6-person meeting box Chatpod 1200. All Chatpod sizes are internally and externally lined with Archisonic® acoustic felt. In addition to the good acoustics, it offers on the outside 32 nature-inspired colors to choose from. So that the box can match the rest of your interior.

The integrated sit/stand tabletop in Chatpod 300 adds flexibility to your decor. Chatpod 300 is thus perfect for uninterrupted phone calls, video conferencing and seated focus work. And the step-less elevation of the tabletop ensures that the camera angle can always be set perfectly for video meetings on a laptop.

The included tables and benches in Chatpod 350, Chatpod 700 Bench and Chatpod 1200 Bench provide good comfort for seated focus meetings for 2 to 6 people; depending on which Chatpod you choose.

The high table in Chatpod 700 High and Chatpod 1200 High is perfect for assembling into standing informal focus meetings for up to 6 people (Chatpod 1200). Standing meetings are shorter and more effective than sitting - and good for health.

Chatpod and the environment

Impact Acoustic markets the Chatpod series as the most sustainable boxes on the market. We have not done a full benchmarking - but the sustainability list is certainly solid and convincing: The factory in Switzerland is heated with production waste, and the machines are powered by hydropower. The Archisonic felt inside and out is made with a minimum of 60% post-consumer plastic bottles, the core is made of recycled cardboard, the ends are made of sawdust, the carpet is made of recycled materials, and the sound insulation is of old car tires.

Easy and quick installation

All Chatpods come with easy-to-understand installation instructions - and the sub-components are pre-assembled before shipping. Therefore, on-site installation can be easily performed by two people without expert knowledge.