Grape Random block 10 x 20 cm (80 pcs)
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Grape Random block 10 x 20 cm (80 pcs)

Designet af Christian Nygaard for Grape
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Color and material

Tightly compressed sphagnum brown natural cork. Brightens over time.


Width: 10 cm
Height: 20 cm
Thickness: 5 cm
Quantity: 80 pcs


The blocks are mounted on the base plate with quick mounting glue. We recommend the Danalim Turbo Tack 291.

The first inspiration for Grape Random came from how direct light gives the sphagnum brown cork a beautiful golden glow. Therefore, the design of Grape Random acoustic wallcovering came to involve light and shadows as an additional decorative effect. The undulating decorative bricks therefore have steep lower edges that gives a dramatic shadow effect when the light from eg spots hits at a steep angle from above. Another benefit is that the decorative bricks provide extra acoustic diffusion.

Grape Random wall cladding in cork provides high acoustic value per crown

The cork material is in itself a good acoustic absorbent and is therefore, among other things. used in sound studios and the price per square meter is low compared to this. It provides a very high acoustic effect per invested krone. The bricks even contribute with diffusion, so they can be targeted for optimal effect where the acoustics are extra difficult.

The aroma of cork

The sphagnum brown cork boards are made by pressing a coarse granulate cork oak bark and boiling it with 350 degrees hot steam. The treatment releases the cork's own binder (resin) and turns the cork into a homogeneous block, which is subsequently cut into slices. The process adds a pleasant slightly burnt scent and helps to give the cork the fine dark glow. Like the smell of a new car, however, it diminishes over time.

That is why our cork wall is 25 mm thick

We can in principle supply the cork boards that form the background, in thicknesses from 10 to 100 mm. After studying the acoustic properties, we have selected 25 mm as the optimal thickness. If the cork wall becomes thinner, it loses some of its good acoustic properties. If it becomes thicker than the 25 mm, it will gain very little. So the choice was actually simple.

A cork wall with a very sustainable history

Cork is bark harvested from cork trees in Portugal. The trees are not felled; so the bark can be harvested approx. every nine years. This makes cork production extremely sustainable and counteracts desertification and even contributes to a negative CO2 account (which is positive). To further optimize material consumption, Christian Nygaard has also designed the bricks so that they are water-cut out of a 10 cm thick cork block completely without spillage.

Contact us for more information

Grape Random wall coverings are simple to handle and can be sold online. But to ensure your success with the project, we would still like to have the opportunity to turn the possibilities around with you before you invest. Therefore, finally contact us to talk about the possibilities.