Grape Lectern 1 medium in Corian® Glacier White
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Grape Lectern 1 medium in Corian® Glacier White

Designed by Christian Nygaard for GrapeDesign
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Colours and materials

Front: Corian® Glacier white
Inside: Stonegrey felt
Table top: Black linoleum


Height: 117 cm
Width: 100 cm
Depth: 69 cm

Medium lectern for larger screens

Impact lectern 1 medium is suitable for larger screens - like the Apple iMac 27''. If it is to large then Impact lectern 1 small with room for laptops up to 15'' is probably a better choice.

We originally developed the corrugated cardboard lectern and front desk for fun, to exhibit at our sustainability-stand during Building Green 2013. A very positive response and increasing interest in green products led us to introduce this attractive furniture a new standard product. Later We decided to introduce the stylish version with front in Corian® Glacier white.

Structural design and dimensions

Grape Lectern 1 and Grape Reception of cardboard share the same simple structure. A steel top and a steel base are clamped firmly around the stacked cardboard with vertical integrated steel rods. This makes the front both robust and resilient. Since no glue is used, it is easy to replace the cardboard sections if the front is damaged (extra cardboard is even included).