Grape Cozy box meeting room made entirely from cork and steel
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Grape Cozy box meeting room made entirely from cork and steel

Designed by Christian Nygaard for Grape
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Not all of us are lucky enough to have the space required for meeting rooms, but that doesn’t mean that meeting spaces can’t still be both flexible and efficient. Sometimes all you have to do is think outside the box …

Another Grape product made from cork has, at long last, seen the light of day. And let’s be frank – it’s been a long and somewhat “harrowing” process focusing on flexibility and modularity, dimensions, stability, construction, assembly methods, specially-made screws, as well as a mix of contrast-filled materials – coupled with the inherent challenges of collaborating across borders with different subcontractors from the carpenter who works out of the basement of our showroom to our UK based screw manufacturer.

But fortunately we have, even if we do say so ourselves achieved the goal we shared from the get go; to create a piece of furniture that lives up to its name and that is indeed so very cozy. We’re truly proud of what we’ve been able to produce, and look forward to introducing the Impact cozy as a welcome addition to new decors in 2019 and beyond.

The Grape Cozy is modularly built, making it relatively easy to dissemble and reassemble in another location. It’s also possible to start out with an open base module and later add glass or fabric walls to the base. Our own favourite configuration is the one that’s open ended at one end and closed with the fabric wall at the other. In the photos we’ve used the Square Remix upholstery. Of course, the colour is entirely up to you.

The Grape Cozy easily accommodates a table arrangement for four, whilst remaining reasonably compact with external dimensions of W: 270 cm, D: 250 cm, H: 220 cm. It is – as automobile manufacturers used to favour saying – much bigger inside than outside.

Creating a meeting room in an open-plan space has, in other words, never been easier than with the Grape Cozy. The module can as mentioned easily accommodate a table for several people, complete with all furniture and multimedia technology.

Shout-out to Sara Sommer and the University of Copenhagen

Grape's in-house designer, Christian Nygaard, designed the Grape Cozy in close collaboration with architect Sara Sommer of the University of Copenhagen. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sara so much for a great, worthwhile, and rewarding collaboration.